Disassembly Protocol

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Counter readings of corrugating roll sets

Statement of flutes and counter readings is optional.

  • chevron_right Set 1
    Value: {{numberToThousandSeparator(roll.setOneCounterInstallation)}}
    Wert: {{numberToThousandSeparator(roll.setOneCounterExpansion)}}
  • chevron_right Set 2
    Value: {{numberToThousandSeparator(roll.setTwoCounterInstallation)}}
    Wert: {{numberToThousandSeparator(roll.setTwoCounterExpansion)}}
  • chevron_right Set 3
    Value: {{numberToThousandSeparator(roll.setThreeCounterInstallation)}}
    Value: {{numberToThousandSeparator(roll.setThreeCounterExpansion)}}
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